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Shannon & Myers, P.C. (previously McNaughton Company, P.C.), began in the early 1960’s as full service Certified Public Accountants. Within a few years our services included addressing the sales and use tax needs of our clients. By the 1970’s our expertise and reputation in the sales tax discipline rose to such a level that our practice became more limited to sales and use tax. Today, it is exclusively limited to sales and use tax applications.

Our clients have benefitted from our experience because of the complexities and uniqueness of Pennsylvania sales and use tax. Our firm is recognized as a leader statewide in the sales and use tax field. During our years of practice, we have successfully processed many thousands of refund and/or reassessment cases through the various appeal levels.

It is our experience that regulations developed by the Department of Revenue as guidance to taxpayers often are difficult to interpret and subject to challenge. For more than fifty years, we have identified many of these deficiencies and have successfully challenged them.

Our services include studying the tax you have remitted or been assessed in connection with your business activities. The purpose of our inquiry is to determine whether some portion of the tax could be subject to recovery efforts. With your concurrence, we will then initiate and pursue this matter on your behalf.

We currently represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Our success is built on a foundation of integrity and diligence, in compliance with the highest code of professional conduct. Based on our performance, we believe our clients share these convictions.

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